About Us

We are a small body of believers,  that love the Lord and His word. We are just people who are having the normal struggles of life and realize that only by the blood of Jesus Christ, the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, and the power of God will we be able to stand before Him and hear those amazing words " Well done, thou good and faithful servant". We welcome you to join us in the joys and struggles of being a disciple of Christ. 

History: We began meeting once a month in October 2009. In the summer of 2013 we began meeting at United Church every Sunday. 

What to Expect in our Services: We welcome any one and every one to attend our services. One may feel a little out of place, but we do want you to know what to expect. Our services are very orderly and reverent. To help produce this atmosphere, we encourage segregated seating with the sisters on one side and the brethren on the other. This is not a hard set rule and does vary at times, but you can expect to see us sitting this way. In collective prayer, we normally kneel or stand. Our services usually begin with a time of singing together as a congregation. We do not have a special choir and the singing is 4-part harmony with no instruments. A minister will preach about a 40 minute sermon from the Bible. He is not seminary trained but is filled with the Holy Spirit to preach to us what God wants to feed us. We have a Sunday School after the sermon. There are several classes for children and one for youth and adults. Sunday School is where we discuss the Bible and make practical application to our lives. It is led by a teacher but everyone's input is welcomed, even the visitors. There is a time for testimonies at the end of the service so you can share what God has been doing in your life or how He spoke to you in the service. 

What We Believe

We have a high respect for several historic anabaptist statements and two of those are available here for reading. Please take a moment to read the Dortrecht Confession of faith and the 18 Articles of Faith. And check back soon for more information!