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Lessons from the Book of Esther Bro. David Groff 04/12/2015
Arise Bro. Tim Kreider 03/29/2015
The Need of the World Bro. Anthony Kreider 03/15/2015
Seven Things God Hates Bro. Luke Bennetch 03/08/2015
Walking with God - Part 2 Bro. Tim Kreider 03/01/2015
The Emotions of God Bro. Anthony Kreider 02/22/2015
Walking with God - Part 1 Bro. Tim Kreider 02/15/2015
Healing for Wounded Hearts Bro. Arlin Ebersole 02/08/2015
Just A Pilgrim Bro. Tim Kreider 01/25/2015
Is Thy God Able Bro. David Groff 01/18/2015
The Kingdom of Kingdoms Bro. Tim Kreider 01/04/2015
What Will You Do with 2015? Bro. Anthony Kreider 12/28/2014
The Baby King Bro. Tim Kreider 12/21/2014
More Than "Till Death Do Us Part" Bro. Luke Bennetch 12/14/2014
The Horns of the Altar Bro. Anthony Kreider 11/30/2014
Partakers of the Calling Bro. Tim Kreider 11/23/2014
Time Management Bro. Loyal Ebersole 11/16/2014
Complete in Him Bro. Steve Ebersole 11/09/2014
Our Great High Priest Bro. Tim Kreider 11/02/2014
Contrasts of the Cross Bro. Luke Bennetch 10/12/2014
Have I Arrived Bro. Tim Kreider 10/05/2014
Spiritual Warfare Bro. Anthony Kreider 09/28/2014
Investments Bro. Tim Kreider 09/21/2014
What Did I Say? Bro. Tim Kreider 09/07/2014
From A Slave to A Servant Bro. Jesse Burkholder 08/31/2014